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Reinventing the way you think about the beehive


Hand-crafted Products from the Beehive

We believe pure honey is a standard that cannot be overlooked, and that’s why each jar is hand-crafted and composed of 100% Natural, Pure, & Raw Honey. After four generations of family beekeeping, we’re here to reinvent the past and refocus the future on the natural, within the world of beekeeping. 

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Natural Products from the Beehive. Fresh Bee Pollen & Pure, Raw Honey

Signature Products

USA Fresh Bee pollen

Fresh Bee Pollen

Fresh Bee Pollen is Nature’s Complete Superfood. This natural blend of 100% USA Fresh Bee Pollen is an excellent source of nutrition, energy, and protein for your diet. We never alter our bee pollen, we simply gather & bottle straight from the beehive.


Raw Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey is a rare, hand-crafted honey that is as all-natural as it is rich with flavor. It contains 100% honey, and zero artificial additives. A spreadable, creamy consistency is the natural state of this pure, delectable honey.

moisturizing beeswax chapstick

Beeswax Balms

Our silky, smooth beeswax balms are ultra moisturizing. The power couple of honey and beeswax pull moisture to the skin and lock it in for soft hands that last all day long, even after washing up. Small batch, handmade, and all-natural.

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